happy 19th birthday ian "cookerlv" "brob" cook

here it is. your reckoning. say goodbye to your professional career.

just kidding!

it's november 24th! which means that fuck it’s already here

(you, three days ago on the 21st)

happy 19th birthday. thanks for being there for me always and thanks for four years (and more) of being one of my very best friends and someone who i know i can always talk to and send memes to and just be there with

it’s been a big time and we’re still just chillin

^ (this was so poignant it took me by surprise lol)

i can’t believe that you’re going to be gone soon... rest in peace dude

just kidding again

i’m so happy in college that we are constantly still contacting each other and keeping up with each other - and that i still feel as close to you as i did in high school. it really does feel like we’re only a few buildings away (okay maybe a few hours).. my fellow anthropolitics comrade in arms

i always joke that it’s a pain in the ass to catch up with people who i haven't spoken w in a while but it’s never with you because i literally know what’s been going on in your daily life (is this what malinowski called the imponderabilia of daily life)

ever since we’ve coming here we’ve been connected

same brain energy working kind of hard fo today

... as Scholars and as Spirit
and in life

and in sickness

we are just two modern age cavemen doing the barter system

but also i appreciate you so much

thanks for always being there for me and always thinking of me.

thanks for being there to talk with me no matter what it’s about (mostly dota from me and baseball from you)

thanks for memeing with me

thanks for being the straight man to my funny man (and sometimes the other way around)

thanks for keeping my snapchat streaks

thanks for bouncing ideas with me and entertaining me

thanks for the twitter antics

thanks for being absolutely incomprehensible with me

thanks for giving me advice (even today because i have the life skills of an amoeba)

thanks for being united with me in my grief and outrage

thanks for being like That

thanks for the fun tinder shit and the fun times

thanks for loving salmon with me

thanks for laying down some hard judgements

whenever i see other ians i only think of you (this is not a two way street because there are few other sheens out there in the world)

thanks for growing.

here’s to god knows how many more

it’s been a long time and i can’t wait to see what happens and what has happened already ;)

i love you bro you’re amazing

unfortunately i’m cancelled so i have to end this now

i hope it’s the best one so far and the next and the next and the next are the same